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Photo Services
Herb Booth, President of Booth Studio has 35 years experience in commercial advertising photography. His work spans many different subjects including architecture, lifestyle, industrial, studio
Digital Services
Ever wonder if there’s a way to bring grandpa’s dusty old photos back to life? We can do that! Digital manipulation is just one of
Large Format Printing
With our top of the line Epson professional printers we can produce pristine large scale prints for your sales room, events, trade show or exhibition.
Fine Art Reproduction
Are you a local artist needing professional and precise color reproduction copies of your original artwork? We have you covered! The original art is meticulously

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About Booth Studio

We’re a 4,000 sq ft commercial photography studio offering services for many of your business’ photography & graphics needs. Our photographers specialize in studio & location product photography, corporate & medical portraits, event coverage & more. We also run a full graphic printing lab providing quality printing, mounting & lamination for trade shows & other marketing needs.      LEARN MORE >>

Meet our staff

Herb Booth
Herb Booth
Lifelong photographer. Sarasota native. Welding fanatic. Devoted world traveler. Airedale Terrier enthusiast. Motorcycle lover. Lifehacker.
Chief tail wagger. Key client greeter. Tennis ball chasing champ since '10. Will sit for treats. Will play dead for treats. Will do anything for treats.
Stacey Hines
Stacey Hines
Ringling College. USN Veteran. Cat Rescuer. Lint roller aficionado. Social media guru. Glitter expert. Natural light artist. Beatles freak.
Shelley Booth
Shelley Booth
Dog lover, Avid World traveler, Lifelong retired teacher, New interest in pottery and Master of Wordle.